Darrin Forse is one of the most well-respected coaches and former scouts in Southeast Texas and throughout parts of Mexico, where he conducts camps and clinics for players of all ages in underprivileged and underserved areas. He took over Professional Baseball Academy in 2005 and has continued to grow the organization from a once-a-year summer camp to the all-encompassing training facility it is today.

He is a lifelong Texan, born and raised and true athlete at heart. He began his baseball journey at a young age and continued his baseball career through high school.  Although an unexpected injury prevented him from playing college baseball, he has remained faithful to the beloved game throughout his entire life.

Professionally, he has scouted both nationally and internationally. As a young adult, he was the first coach from Pasadena to win a Pony State Championship title and then go on to play in the Pony World Series.  Since that time, he has continued coaching at both the instructional and collegiate levels.  Additionally, he has instructed numerous players that have signed with various colleges at all levels, have played in the Junior College World Series, or have made it to the “Bigs”.  A couple of his former recruits have even gotten a coveted World Series ring!

He believes in honesty with players and parents and that taking care of the little things will take care of the big things.  The Professional Baseball Academy is not just about baseball, it’s about developing young men and being there for them.  In fact, many of his former players will tell you he still talks and mentors them today.

He has three daughters, Ashley, Amanda, and Shannon, and five grandchildren who he loves to spend time with when he is not at the ballpark. He loves the work that he gets to do at PBA and cannot wait to continue to grow this program with all of you.